Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2007 patches

Originally published April 18, 2007


I found Outlook 2007 impossible to use at RTM (release-to-manufacturing - when a MSFT product is first released) because it was too doggone slow with my large mailbox. I dropped back to Office 2003 (since with my job, I pretty much live in Outlook).

But MSFT released a patch to Outlook last week. Now, with the exception of e-mail composition (I always used to turn off “Use Word as your e-mail editor” - in Outlook 2007, you don't have a choice), Outloko 2007 is as fast as Outlook 2003. YAY! With Outlook 2007's enhanced search capabilities, it is now a slam-dunk top choice again.

The patch is at KB 933493. Oh, and if you were already using Outlook 2007, you don't have to update the OST or PST.

Just yesterday, MSFT released the first set of patches for Exchange 2007. As promised, Exchange 2007 patches will come out in a series of roll-ups every six to ten weeks (I think this first one is a little late - but what do I know?). The rollup is at KB 930809. Since it fixes a couple of hang/crash problems, you probably want to get it installed.

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