Microsoft's Hotfix Request Web Submission Form

Calling PSS is a hassle. Waiting on hold, speaking with someone who may or may not have a decent command of your language, etc. etc...

Would I like a little cheese with my whine?  Wink

After lots of requests and long delays, Microsoft has made it posible for us to request most hotfixes online, using a web form.

This capability has been available to folks with Premier support agreements for some time, but has just recently been made available to "the average joe".

One must suspect that this differs from the anonymous download, because you are required to provide an e-mail address. Traditionally, we've been told that Microsoft wanted contact information for certain hotfixes in case a need arose to contact those individuals who had downloaded a hotfix - that the hotfix may have caused a significant regression failure (i.e., caused a problem worse than it fixed). Although in my approximately 10 years of requesting hotfixes, I can't ever remember a single instance of Microsoft contacting me later about a hotfix, even when I knew that a hotfix was re-released.

I've requested a number of hotfixes using this service and reception of the hotfix varies dramatically. Microsoft says "within eight hours", but I've had hotfixes sent in 10 minutes and other take three hours. I suspect that there is still manual intervention behind the scenes.

Without further ado, here is the link:;en;1410&WS=hotfix


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