More on My Move to 64-bit Vista

On January 31, in this post I reported that I had loaded 64-bit Vista on my laptop and that things were going well.

As I reported then, I expected it to take several weeks to re-install all my applications, but that my main applications were already running and I didn't anticipate any issues.

As of today, I've got everything migrated. I was able to find a 64-bit version (or the 32-bit version was 64-bit compatible) for EVERY SINGLE application. Except one.

Up front, I will admit, I took the opportunity to do just a tiny bit of changing. One single program. Stick out tongue I was using a laptop-vendor supplied DVD-Writer program, and I went to DeepBurner instead. Which I like more than the vendor supplied utility anyway!

So, which application is now sitting in my "Hall of Infamy"?

Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2007. And, believe it or not, the brand new version of the same program: Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2008.

Neither one of these programs will install on Vista x64.

I am irritated. To say the least.

I had to create a 32-bit Virtual Machine JUST to run my invoicing/accounting application. From Microsoft. How absurd.

I've posted an inquiry to the relevant "discussion forum" (Usenet newsgroup microsoft.public.sba.general). You can keep up with the thread here, if you are interested.

Published Tuesday, February 12, 2008 4:33 PM by michael
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# My Continuing Story of 64-bit Vista

As I reported here , I got all my applications moved over (except for MOA 2007 and since then, MOA 2008