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What _IS_ the deal?

I practically got into an argument with another MVP recently over Vista...he said no one is buying it. I chose to disagree. He said no one is running it. I chose to disagree. By this point, he was pretty wound up...so I just suggested we agree to disagree....

According to Bill Gates, Vista has sold 140 Million licenses. That seems like a crap-load of Vista to me. Even if a third of those licenses are fall-backs to XP, it's still a crap-load of Vista.

OK, when Vista came out, there weren't a lot of drivers. No shocker there, the same was true when XP was released.

OK, when Vista came out, everything had been moved around and there was a learning curve. No shocker there, the same was true when XP was released.

OK, when Vista came out, there were bugs in the RTM code. No shocker there, the same was true when XP was released.

I mean REALLY. Come on. It's not like the software industry is brand new anymore. We all know how this works.

Major releases have problems at RTM. To ship is to choose; so the software isn't going to be bug free - but it'll work most of the time. It really truly may take a service pack for many configurations to work - the vendor has to see what people are using (if they aren't Apple) - there are more combinations and permutations "in the wild" than any vendor can test for during a beta process.

So....you don't like Vista. Fine. There are loads of new technologies present in it and you are obviously change resistant. Do all of them work 100%? Nope. But you can be VERY sure that they are there in Server 2008; and they'll be there in Windows 7 - plus more.

If you don't like it, provide constructive criticism. Saying "it sucks" does nothing for anyone. If you truly think everything about it sucks, then go Mac or try Linux on the desktop. There are some fine solutions there.

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