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So, yesterday I wrote an opinion-piece about Vista, and it appears that Bob Cringely did too. Completely unrelated, and I didn't read his piece before I wrote mine. Of course, his readership is more than mine. :-) His piece has generated lots of commentary - but I just flat out think he's wrong.

Granted, I'm not the average computer user. Not even the average power user. I've got physical machines that run XP, that run Vista, that run Server 2008, that run Server 2003 - and believe it or not, one that runs Linux. And probably twice as many virtuals as I've got physicals.

The market can't have it every way. Since XP was released, Microsoft has been absolutely PUMMELLED by spam, by viruses, by worms, by lack of hardware capabilities, by lack of software capabilities, etc. etc. etc. Microsoft responded to what the market demanded, and Vista is the answer.

Graphically, Vista is gorgeous - if you have the graphics horsepower to make it happen. Vista provides software support for technologies that weren't even conceived of when XP was released. The hardware support that Vista provides makes it MUCH easier for the OS to NOT crash when there are driver bugs. Or bugs in any add-on product. And on and on and on.

All of those things come at a cost - in memory and in processor.

If you want a minimal version of Vista - go install Server 2008. See how lean and mean it is. And how little it can do in the base configuration. Then, start adding the features and roles you require in order to get to a workable desktop machine, and see how those changes impact performance. In some ways, a desktop machine has to be more powerful than a server. It certainly has to have more "fluff".

I'm not a Microsoft "rah rah" man. However, I'm well aware of where I make my money - and that's based on Microsoft products. I criticize the Microsoft machine on a daily basis - and I do it in public forums, such as mailing lists, on my blog; and I do it in private forums, for betas (and even alphas) of certain software that I take a particular interest in.

Vista _IS_ sucky in some ways. And I've bugged those that affect me. For example, even after SP1, wireless doesn't "just work" like it did in XP. Many users have to reboot when switching wireless connections. For me, I'm tech savvy enough to open a command prompt and do an "ipconfig /renew". It's irritating.

But does that mean that Vista is going away? Don't be silly. Even if you hate Vista, it introduces many technologies that are part of the future of computing. You need to learn it. It's the stepping stone to what comes next.

Microsoft isn't abandoning Vista. They've made that clear too. Many people have taken the fact that there is so much talk about Windows 7 already to mean that Microsoft is abandoning Vista. The only reason that they can make THAT claim is because they choose to ignore that Microsoft has also stated that "never again" will there be 5+ years between operating system releases. It was simply too long, and Microsoft heard that message too.

You don't have to get with the program. But you should. Time marches on. And so does software - and hardware - and Microsoft.

Until next time...

As always, if there are items you would like me to talk about, please drop me a line and let me know!

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