Antivirus Exclusions and Windows

In December of 2007, I made two posts: File Level Antivirus for Exchange and Information Store Antivirus for Exchange.

Since that time, there is no question that with Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 (and the ongoing advancement of various Internet-based threats and malware), that the focus has moved to scanning incoming and outgoing emails with a gateway server and maintaining antivirus at the file level and not at the mailbox database (or Information Store) level.

Recently on Technet, Jeff Stokes, a PFE (Premiere Field Engineer) with Microsoft, published an updated list of ALL the antivirus exclusions that are current for various Microsoft products; both updating and going far beyond my posts in 2007.

The article is: Anti-Virus Exclusions and You.

If you are configuring any infrastructure server, you need to examine his list and ensure that your anti-virus adheres to the recommendations noted therein.

I did have minor input to this article for mentioning the relevant, current Exchange links.

An interesting possible project is to write a PowerShell script to check all of these various items for a given computer. That might be fun!

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Published Wednesday, June 16, 2010 3:21 PM by michael


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