Outlook 2007 Service Pack 2 Update Provides Support for Exchange 2010 Personal Archives

Yesterday was a major day for patch releases in the Exchange and Outlook world.

For Exchange, Exchange 2010 SP1 got UR2, Exchange 2007 SP3 got its UR2. Exchange 2010 RTM got UR5, and Exchange 2007 SP2 got its UR5. For detailed information about the Exchange updates, please see Multiple December Update Rollup Releases at the Exchange Team Blog.

Also, a cumulative update for Outlook 2007 SP2 has been released that provides support for the Personal Archive in Outlook 2007. This is a removal of a very significant deployment blocker for many companies in regards to Exchange 2010. Please note that this provides support for an on-premise archive with an on-premise mailbox and for an Office 365 mailbox which has an Office 365-based archive. Having an on-premise mailbox with a cloud-based archive is not supported by this update.


This CU includes the ability for an Outlook 2007 client to access the archive in Exchange 2010.  This really has been a matter of listening to customers to push to get this into the Outlook product.
With the CU, customers will be able to:

Access email messages in their online archive using Outlook 2007.
Move messages into the online archive using Outlook 2007.
Delegates can see their manager’s online archive.

There are some limitations on Outlook’s support of the archive including:

Working with Archive policies
Independent searches of the archive and the primary mailbox 

This will light up the Archive for the following SKUs:

Office Ultimate (retail)
Office ProPlus (volume license)
Office Enterprise (volume license)
Outlook Standalone (retail)
Outlook Standalone (volume license)

Much (but not all) of the text in this posting is Microsoft boilerplate. But I still thought you'd want to know! :-)

Published Wednesday, December 15, 2010 10:29 AM by michael


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