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Creating Explicit Credentials in PowerShell for WMI, Exchange, Lync, Remoting, etc.

When creating PowerShell cmdlets for any Microsoft technology - WMI, Exchange, Lync, etc. - it is common to need to provide credentials that are different from the default credentials. This can be even more important when you are using PowerShell remoting...
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Generating a report on Distribution Groups and their Membership, v2

In August of 2010, I posted Generating a report on Distribution Groups and their Membership . For most people, that script worked just fine. However, it had some issues: Large groups would cause PowerShell to generate an error about concurrent pipelines...
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Finding Disk Space Used By Exchange, v2

Long ago and far away (way back in 2006) I wrote an article for finding the disk space used by Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003, Finding disk space used by Exchange . While this worked through a few Exchange 2007 betas, by Exchange 2007 RTM, the STM file...
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Counting Microsoft's Most Valuable Professionals

Each January, April, July, and October Microsofts recognizes certain individuals who - at no payment - assist in providing support to other Microsoft customers in various online forums, mailing lists, news groups, etc. Microsoft calls these people MVPs...
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Moving a Mailbox Database Path

In Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010, added functionality in Move-Mailbox (and New-MoveRequest), along with the support of online mailbox moves have reduced the requirement of moving entire databases around very much (it's easier to just move all the...
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Changing Security Groups to Distribution Groups

In Exchange Server 2010, you cannot create a new Distribution Group that is not a Universal group. If your Exchange 2010 installation was upgraded from a prior release of Exchange Server, you may find Distribution Groups created in those earlier versions...
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Generating a report on Distribution Groups and their Membership

A common request is to get a list of all distribution groups and the members contained in that distribution group. The question came up on a mailing list I frequent today, and my initial response was a PowerShell "one-liner" (actually five lines...
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Using PowerShell to determine your elevation status (UAC)

On a mailing list recently, SBS author and PowerShell MVP Charlie Russel posted how he used PowerShell to check whether a given PowerShell session was elevated. He also used that information to change the background color of the session (elevated shells...
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Exchange Email Address Template Objects in PowerShell

Exchange has a very rich set of objects which are used and created by the various Exchange cmdlets. Unfortunately, these objects (excepting those used by Exchange Web Services) are poorly documented - and the documentation which is available is often...
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Antivirus Exclusions and Windows

In December of 2007, I made two posts: File Level Antivirus for Exchange and Information Store Antivirus for Exchange . Since that time, there is no question that with Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 (and the ongoing advancement of various Internet-based...

Exchange 2010 Gotcha - #5

You may - or may not - need to register Filter Packs after you install them. As a prerequsite for installing Exchange 2010, you must install the Office 2007 Filter Packs . As noted in a recent blog post of mine, Office 2010 Filter Pack for Exchange 2007...
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Simplifying Life for Exchange Authors

Another Exchange MVP, Pat Richard , posted on Facebook yesterday: It would be nice to be able to import a list of all Exchange related PowerShell cmdlets into the Word and Outlook dictionaries. Being the helpful guy that I am, I responded: You can do...
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Exchange 2010 Gotcha - #1

As I work through migrations to Exchange Server 2010 with my various clients, I'm developing a list of Exchange 2010 "gotchas". Not necessarily things that are earth-shattering, but do have the potential to be surprising to administrators...

The Experts Conference - TEC'2010

For the third time, I'll be speaking at the upcoming The Experts Conference, sponsored by Quest. I'll be discussing using Exchange Web Services (EWS) from PowerShell -- and for some reason, my abstract isn't yet posted on the conference website...

Exchange Server 2010 - Administrative Access to All Mailboxes

In Exchange 2010, the storage group has disappeared. Instead, the properties of a database and of a storage group have merged - the result being referred to as a database. Effectively, a database has been promoted to be as important as a storage group...
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