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  • Exchange 2003 FE Servers vs. Server 2008 Active Directory

    I spent eight hours over the last two days figuring out an interesting - but weird - problem. Once I figured out the problem, correcting it was a simple matter. I'll just give you the problem description and then the solution. Hopefully it will save you more than a little time in the future. I have...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 05-19-2011
  • More on Active Directory Privileged Groups and Exchange Server

    In October of 2008, I wrote the article adminCount, adminSDHolder, SDProp and you! This article discussed why membership in privileged groups could cause permissions challenges. You may want to refer to it before proceeding. With Exchange Server 2010, the overall situation has continued to get more restrictive...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 12-21-2010
  • Exchange 2010 Service Pack 1 and Required Hotfixes

    As you are probably aware, Exchange 2010 service pack 1 was released last week, on the Internet (a so-called RTW [release to web] by Microsoft) at the Microsoft Exchange Team Blog . The release posting was The Future of Exchange Starts Here: Exchange Server 2010 SP 1 Is Now Available . In my opinion...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 08-30-2010
  • Generating a report on Distribution Groups and their Membership

    A common request is to get a list of all distribution groups and the members contained in that distribution group. The question came up on a mailing list I frequent today, and my initial response was a PowerShell "one-liner" (actually five lines, but all a single PowerShell statement). The...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 08-18-2010
  • Exchange Email Address Template Objects in PowerShell

    Exchange has a very rich set of objects which are used and created by the various Exchange cmdlets. Unfortunately, these objects (excepting those used by Exchange Web Services) are poorly documented - and the documentation which is available is often incorrect or misleading. I ran into that problem this...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 07-19-2010
  • Antivirus Exclusions and Windows

    In December of 2007, I made two posts: File Level Antivirus for Exchange and Information Store Antivirus for Exchange . Since that time, there is no question that with Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 (and the ongoing advancement of various Internet-based threats and malware), that the focus has moved...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 06-16-2010
  • Exchange 2010 Gotcha - #5

    You may - or may not - need to register Filter Packs after you install them. As a prerequsite for installing Exchange 2010, you must install the Office 2007 Filter Packs . As noted in a recent blog post of mine, Office 2010 Filter Pack for Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 , the Office 2010 Filter Pack...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 05-28-2010
  • Exchange 2010 Gotcha - #4

    Public Folder Contacts Can't Replicate If you have a public folder contact that includes an e-mail address, there is also an e-mail address type field that is associated with every e-mail address. Note: You cannot see this e-mail address type field by default - but it's still there. To view it...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 05-11-2010
  • Exchange 2010 Gotcha - #3

    The TrustedInstaller - Isn't. Generally, when applying patches (whether service packs or hotfixes or rollups), the installation process will automatically acquire all the necessary permissions - if the user executing the process CAN acquire those permissions. This is especially relevant under Server...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 04-22-2010
  • Exchange 2010 Gotcha - #2

    Incoming e-mail CAN'T come in! This issue is not exclusive to Exchange 2010 - it also exists in Exchange 2007. The default receive connector created by the Exchange setup process does not include permissions to include "Anonymous users" on the default server permission group. Microsoft...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 04-14-2010
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