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  • The Experts Conference - TEC'2010

    For the third time, I'll be speaking at the upcoming The Experts Conference, sponsored by Quest. I'll be discussing using Exchange Web Services (EWS) from PowerShell -- and for some reason, my abstract isn't yet posted on the conference website! I need to get that corrected. TEC'2010...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 01-12-2010
  • Exchange Connections - ONLINE!

    I speak at a number of conferences, usually including those put on by Penton Media. Their conferences are called Connections, and a conference is held each fall and spring. During last fall's conference, a bunch of folks got together and convinced Penton to make the conferences available online,...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 08-26-2009
  • TEC'2009 Berlin (The Experts Conference)

    TEC'2009 is coming up soon... I'll be there and I hope you will be too. TEC is a place to get acquainted with some of the top folks in Active DIrectory, ILM/FIM, and Exchange. Here is what Gil Kirkpatrick, the founder of the conference had to say: I just wanted to remind all the list denizens...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 08-11-2009
  • TEC'09 In Review

    Last week I attended and spoke at "The Experts Conference" ( ) in Las Vegas. I spoke on using VSS with Exchange, and on designing highly available solutions and infrastructure. This was the eighth year for this conference. In earlier years it was known as DEC (Directory Experts...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 03-30-2009
  • The Experts Conference 2009 (TEC'09)

    Earlier this year, I wrote about presenting at Connections'08 in this article . That went so well, I've also applied (and been accepted) to speak at another conference - The Experts Conference (TEC). Up through 2008, TEC was known as DEC (the Directory Experts Conference) and it focused exclusively...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 12-10-2008
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