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  • Enumerating IP Addresses on Network Adapters using PowerShell

    Regardless of whether a server is for Exchange, for SQL, or for any other use; a key component of the server's configuration is the set of IP addresses assigned to it. Many organizations apply all addresses (even server addresses) using DHCP. For servers, this is often based on reservations of the...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 02-28-2012
  • Exchange 2010 Licensing Survey

    Paul Robichaux, a personal friend and another Exchange MVP is a regular writer for WindowsITPro . While performing research for an upcoming article, he found out some interesting factoids about Microsoft Exchange 2010 licensing. I and other MVPs found these pieces of information interesting as well....
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 06-22-2011
  • Antivirus Exclusions and Windows

    In December of 2007, I made two posts: File Level Antivirus for Exchange and Information Store Antivirus for Exchange . Since that time, there is no question that with Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 (and the ongoing advancement of various Internet-based threats and malware), that the focus has moved...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 06-16-2010
  • Microsoft MVP 2009...

    Yesterday I was notified that my MVP was renewed for another year (MVPs are awarded for one-year at a time, and there is a quarterly cycle of Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct). This is my sixth MVP award and part of it is due to you, my loyal readers! Officially, my MVP award is for "Windows Server System - Exchange...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 07-02-2009
  • Microsoft Enters Collaboration Hosting Arena

    In a move that was likely a surprise to no-one, last week Microsoft announced its offering for hosted Exchange 2007, hosted SharePoint (MOSS 2007, not WSS 3.0), and hosted LiveMeeting. This was the next logical progression from the Microsoft Office Live Small Business offering (where Microsoft offers...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 03-10-2008
  • More on Single Level Domains and Exchange 2007

    In this article I reported on the fact (then) that single level domains were not supported in Exchange Server 2007 sp1. Microsoft, as of today (February 15, 2008) has changed their position on single-level domains and Exchange Server 2007. This is the Microsoft Exchange Team blog post on the topic. It's...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 02-15-2008
  • Even More on Exchange Server 2007 Licensing...the UC Wave?

    My head hurts. Microsoft licensing was messed up enough already. With the release of Exchange Server 2007, it got even more complicated. Now, Outlook CALs aren't included in Exchange licensing. Ugh. Oh, and then wait, to get Enterprise IM (which I had included as a part of Exchange 2000 Server),...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 01-09-2008
  • Microsoft Hot Fix and Hot Issue Center

    A new blog on technet appeared a few days ago, from the Hot Fix and KB content team. The intent is to publish weekly all of the KB articles and hotfixes that were released. If it happens, and is updated regularly, it will be a great resource! The blog is to include hotfixes and KBs for Windows Server...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 12-13-2007
  • LOL Exchange - What More Can Be Said?

    I'm guessing this is a budding project of some of those crazy Exchange kids at Microsoft, but you have to check out ! Not much content, at least not yet, but if you like cats - you'll get a laugh or three!
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 12-12-2007
  • Information Store Antivirus for Exchange

    In my recent EMO article, I referred to the fact that there are two different kinds of anti-virus that may execute on an Exchange Server: file-level scanning and information store scanning. In this article, I write more about information store scanning. While written specifically with Exchange Server...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 12-02-2007
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