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  • Clustersize, Blocksize, and Allocation Unit Size

    Depending on where you see the terms used in Windows, you may see different names for the same thing. The clustersize of a volume, the blocksize of a volume, and the allocation unit size of the volume are all referring to the same value. Some tools report the blocksize as the physical blocksize, instead...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 05-06-2015
  • DPM 2010 Backing Up SQL 2012

    I can't speak as to whether this is supported or not, but if you want DPM 2010 to be able to back up a SQL 2012 database instance, then you need to make a simple security change. Otherwise, DPM 2010 reports that "The replica is not consistent." In words, NT AUTHORITY\System must be granted...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 05-09-2012
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