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  • A Work In Progress...

    Yesterday (Thursday, 2008-04-17) was the last day of the 2008 MVP Summit. Over one-half of the MVPs attending were from countries other than the United States. It was interesting to hear the dozens of languages being spoken around me this week. Very little of what was covered during the Summit is not...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 04-18-2008
  • Exchange 2007 Disk Performance/Partition Alignment - A Little Quickie

    A perennial recommendation to squeeze the utmost in performance from your Exchange 2007 (and Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003...) disk spindles has been to align the partition boundaries of the disks to a 8 KB boundary - since Exchange will always read in 8 KB at a time (or a multiple of that up to a...
    Posted to Michael's meanderings... (Weblog) by michael on 03-07-2008
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